About Me


My journey started with my curiosity to harness strengths and overcome fears by developing growth mindset and building relevant skills. Having lived and worked in three different countries – India, Paris and London gave me the opportunity to learn from new challenges all the time. Learning to adapt in diverse cultures has been the most exciting of all! It has helped me build resilience and understand what really binds us as “HUMAN BEINGS.”  

My passion to bring positive change in myself led to the creation of “Passion Wheel Learning & Leadership Solutions.”

After working for McKinsey & Company, Computer Sciences Corporation and American Express in India for 11+ years, I stepped out of my home country and moved to Paris on a global adventure.

My Learnings

  • Manage personal change in all three dimensions – intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
  • Learn the local language (English is spoken occasionally, so adapt fast).

To top it up, I met with an accident in Paris and that transformed me completely as an individual.

What changed in me?

  • Take charge of your problems and reach out for help
  • Communicate with empathy (especially when you don’t speak fluent French) if you really want to leverage the healthcare system.

When I am not working, I enjoy nature walks, painting, adventure sports and doing volunteer projects for youth & children.

How coaching can transform life and career?

This transition made me think about my life and career. As I wanted to pursue professional coaching, I started my formal coach training, “Power Coaching ® with Mind-Kinetics ®” certification program from Coaching and Leadership International, Canada. I am grateful to my Power Coaches and mentors who helped me to transform my negative thoughts into positive action. I developed a lot of resilience, created my career path and came out of the situation strongly. I use my industry and personal experiences to redefine the coaching and learning paths at Passion Wheel.

I moved to the United Kingdom after living in France for 4 years. This movement made me realise that adaptation is a crucial skill to living and working across cultures.

Are you excited to unlock your true potential and achieve your goals with coaching?

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